How a Designer Communicates
August 14th, 2009

Storyteller & Former Walt Disney Imagineer Defines Story Telling at Living Arts College

Kenneth Penkowski

The moral of the story, “We as designers must make ourselves accountable for results. Elevate the expectation of what design can do and in the end satisfy the requirements we are asked to fulfill.”

Kenneth Penkowski, partner and executive brand director for local advertising agency, Ulanguzi visited the College and told stories to the students.

In addition, he showed the Ulanguzi’s 2009 demo reel which displayed projects for highly respected clients and current ongoing projects.

Kenneth told the students three stories about his life in the design arena…the titles were quite catchy.

  1. “It All Started with a Mouse” – Kenneth told the story of how he became a Disney Imagineer and how he uses what he learned from that experience in his work daily.
  2. “For Rent” – Ulanguzi was referred to a development company to market their apartment complex. This wasn’t your ordinary apartment complex. These apartments were part of the wave for the “Go Green” revolution. He shared his challenges and accomplishments with the project.
  3. “Come Fly with Me” – A Las Vegas helicopter tour company came to Ulanguzi in need of a new marketing technique or strategy. They had no problem selling the helicopter tours, they just wanted an easier way for customers to purchase the tour tickets. He shared Ulanguzi’s unique answer to the marketing dilemma.

Debra A Hooper
Vice President/Director
School of Communication Arts
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