BDA/Promax Conference
August 3rd, 2009

BDA/Promax Conference

Students got an eyeful of design ideas and a pocket full of business contacts!

BDA/Promax is the world’s largest broadcast design conference and for a group of Living Arts College students it bridged the gap between longevity and futuretainment.

From the honoring of Robert Redford for the Lifetime Achievement Award to the rapidly shifting world of broadcast design, this year’s conference hosted presenters that shared their insight and upcoming trends.

Living Arts College graduate, Matt Habit- “Robert Redford, WOW! Remembering his life and his involvement in film, was incredible!”

At the conference the buzz word was “Viral”. Viral is widespread popularity through the process of internet sharing. All eyes turned to the rapidly shifting world of broadcast design, motion graphics and the convergence of a new way of branding. In one of the sessions “Contagious” gave a profound presentation called “What is Advertising?” The session made the audience think about the “art” of getting people to forget they are watching an ad.

Students had many opportunities to mix with various professionals in the broadcast design community and to see samples of their great work.

Student – Kirsten Wiltjer- “It was fun; the work they showed was amazing!”

Student – Elisabeth Rauch- “I loved the Cartoon Network presentation! They demonstrated the logo process from start to finish!”

Through lively panels, exhibits, sessions, screenings and networking, the BDA/Promax conference provided three exciting days of dialog, discussion and displays of some incredible work.

Debra A Hooper
Vice President/Director
School of Communication Arts
@ Digital Circus