Hobby Turns Into a Great Career
June 9th, 2009

Raleigh DJ - Jason WiggsRaleigh’s Hottest DJ – Jason Wiggs

Jason Wiggs says, “DJing was a hobby until about a year ago. That changed when I started attending School of Communication Arts. I began acquiring the tools that I needed to create a great production and set out DJing professionally.”

Jason Wiggs is a sought-after disc jockey, best known as the resident disc jockey at The Oxford Gastropub in Downtown Raleigh. His experience, knowledge of music and mixing talents combine to display an unbreakable link between hip-hop, rock, pop, and top 40 to electronic dance music of house, breaks, drums and bass. His performance is a journey beyond the realms of music.

As a child his grandfather wanted him to learn true music appreciation. He gave him a symphony orchestra album and his love for music emerged. Growing up, he played the tuba in symphony orchestra and had a spot on the drumline in the marching band.

On his 18th birthday he received his first set of turntables. Using the self discipline acquired over many years of training in classical instruments he embarked on a more modern, newly acquired instrument and began the journey of musical exploration.

His most recent endeavor was his participation in Raleigh Fashion Week – Strut 09’. He provided music for the event’s producers with remixes, adding sound to video clips and performed all music selections live in conjunction with the emcees performances.

See Jason in person at The Oxford on Friday and Saturday nights in Downtown Raleigh.

Debra A Hooper
Vice President/Director
School of Communication Arts
@ Digital Circus