Fall 2014 Gallery Exhibition
November 19th, 2014

Living Arts College recently had its Fall Gallery Exhibition! From Architectural Photography to Sound Design, the students received numerous awards for best in category. Jeremy Deihl, a photography student in his last quarter at the college, has won “Best in Category: Commercial Photography” every quarter that he has submitted work. Jeremy is just one example of the many students who have received awards for their art and creativity. The Gallery Exhibition is held every other quarter on campus, featuring work from each of the programs taught at Living Arts, it is a great opportunity for students to show off their work and get feedback from their professors as well as their peers. Each award is an accolade that students can add to their resume, making them stand out to future employers. The gallery exhibition is just one of the many events held on campus for the students to participate in and gain experience that will launch them in to the career of their dreams.

Living Arts College Professor “Goes Mobile”
October 23rd, 2014

Living Arts College professor Georges Le Chevallier has been taking his class on the road, visiting the local museums and art exhibits around Raleigh, NC. The students of Chevallier’s class have had the opportunity to visit and speak with marketing directors and presidents of the different companies including; Sarah Powers and her staff at Visual Art Exchange, The president of Raleigh Artspace Mary Poole, the marketing team at Marbles Kids Museum and many others. Georges has many other locations planned for his class, such as Red Hat in downtown Raleigh. This is a great learning opportunity for the class and also a chance to learn about the industry in creative ways versus the traditional classroom setting.

George has also produced a film with Living Arts graduate Robert King, called 3 The Hard Way. 3 The Hard Way is an art documentary film about the creative process of bringing together a graffiti artist from the streets of Philly, a cartoonist born and bred in the South, and a French-Puerto Rican mixed media artist to collaborate on a unique project. Georges started the production several years ago with fellow artist and students at the college and it is now available for viewing to the public. Please take some time to watch this incredible documentary! The 60 minute film can be found here: http://www.blocprojects.com/events/3thehardway/film/.

The Designer from Disney, Tom Sito
October 21st, 2014

Living Arts College had the great honor of having Tom Sito speak to students on Monday. Tom is currently a Professor of Cinematic Practice at USC’s George Lucas School of Cinematic Arts. He is a graduate of New York’s High School of Art & Design, where he first learned animation, and of The School of Visual Arts in New York. Tom Sito’s screen credits include the Disney classics THE LITTLE MERMAID 1989, BEAUTY & THE BEAST 1991, ALADDIN 1992, THE LION KING 1994, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBITT 1988, POCAHONTAS 1995, DINOSAURS 2000 and FANTASIA 2000. He worked on THE PRINCE OF EGYPT 2001, ANTZ 1999, PAULIE 1998, SPIRIT, STALLION OF THE CIMMARON 2002, storyboard supervisor on SHREK 2001.

Tom discussed his work he did for Disney and Dreamworks. Tom also gave great insight on getting a job to animation students. He was very humorous in his presentation, joking about his cats stealing the spotlight during the skype presentation. He also commented on asking his predecessors how they did what they did to create such amazing art work and how this was a chance for the students at Living Arts College to do the same. The time with Tom allowed the students to ask hard questions and get honest and educated answers from an animator that has done it all in the industry. Tom was happy to have had the chance to pass on some of his knowledge to the students at Living Arts College and the opportunity to influence the next generation of animators.

Living Arts College students lands sweet Game Company job in RTP
October 14th, 2014

Living Arts College graduate Isaac Evans recently graduated from the Animation and Game Design degree program. Isaac is already practicing what he learned as a Customer Support Representative at Ubisoft’s Research Triangle Park location. Based in Morrisville, Isaac looks at the Ubisoft RTP location as a gateway to even bigger and better things at Ubisoft Entertainment.

Isaac started the job earlier this month, and is already excited about where this opportunity could take him.

Isaac was always focused on his career path while at Living Arts. When he was on a College trip to the Game Developers Conference he pointed out the most influential part of the conference. “The awesome listings for jobs to apply for in the future – oversees…in this country, and in Durham.” -Isaac Evans.

Eyes on the prize indeed. Congratulations Isaac!

October 7th, 2014

Living Arts College recently had the pleasure of hosting a thoughtful and entertaining presentation by the extraordinary Mr. Scott Sawyer.  Scott has performed his brand of genre busting guitar both here and abroad.   His most recent recording “Dreamers” is a stellar example of musical artistry touted by critics and fans alike.  Scott took the main stage at Living Arts College and gave an in-depth look at the life and times of a professional musician.  Scott gave students insight that would help guide them down a pathway to success both on the road, in the studio, and at home.  With beautiful and heartfelt renditions from the American songbook, Scott demonstrated his approach to harmony, melody, and the ever important swing that defines the best of jazz and blues.  Students were able to ask a diverse selection of questions and got Scott’s honest, professional response in an easy conversational setting.  Scott teaches both college and private lessons and can be seen performing regularly in the Raleigh area.  Check him out at www.scottsawyer.net

October 1st, 2014

Living Arts College alumna Kristina Fick won a Semi-Finalist award from Adobe for her graphic design. The competition was worldwide. she competed against thousands of other designers, including designers from 26 countries. It is a extreme honor to be recognized by the company who creates the software designers use.

The contest is held every year for students to enter their designs. Finalist winners can recieve cash prizes and free a Adobe subsription to the Adobe Cloud. The contest is open to all students allowing them to submit graphics and motion graphics work created on a Adobe program.

Kristina entered her design piece called” Indulge,” which is a combination of photography and graphic design. She has won other awards on this piece,  including a Sliver Student ADDY at the American Advertising Awards in Raleigh-Durham.

Kristina Fick graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media Arts in 2013 and is currently working in the industry.

October 1st, 2014

Local photographers imitate one New Yorker’s quest to spotlight the common man

Humans of Charleston


One of photographer Jeb Brigman’s subjects photographed for Humans of Charleston

At this point, the cons for social media outweigh the pros. Just look at Mark Sanford’s recent Facebook update for a lesson in oversharing. But if there is one redeeming quality of social media, it’s the potential it has to humanize strangers.

The Humans of New York (HONY) project is a perfect example. A photographic project described as “an exhaustive catalogue of New York City’s inhabitants,” the HONY website has 9.5 million likes on Facebook and 1.7 million followers on Instagram. A lone photographer named Brandon — no last name — started out in 2010 just wanting to catalog the citizens of New York City. Four years later, the portraits and their accompanying quotes serve as a reminder that we are all human beings with our own joys and afflictions. In part, this is a result of the quotes that range from the beautifully brief to near-novellas. It’s heartbreakingly poignant stuff, and several locals have started comparable campaigns in Charleston.

Douglas Carr Cunningham and Iveta Dzurenova-Butler are two of them. The Holy City photographers are working on an exhibit called Charleston: One City, One Soul. Together, Cunningham, a former U.S. Navy photojournalist, and Dzurenova-Butler, a photographer originally from Slovakia, have roamed everywhere from Waterfront Park to the Cistern Yard, snapping one or two well-timed photographs of people. As of late August the pair had captured 70 subjects. Their goal is 100.

They only use medium format film and ask their subjects three questions: Where are you going? Where are you coming from? What is your favorite thing?

Some responses are simple, “To the park” or “To Heaven.” Others are more existential. It’s those answers, the ones with depth, that they’re looking for. Cunningham and Dzurenova-Butler have favorites, like a photograph of a laughing couple. “Her favorite thing was a peacock feather. His favorite thing was her,” says Cunningham.

Douglas Carr Cunningham, Iveta Dzurenova-Butler

Emily Spear said her favorite thing was a peacock feather. Miles Vanderveen said Spear was his.


The idea behind Charleston: One City, One Soul came from Cunningham and Dzurenova-Butler’s desire to highlight the fact that we have more in common than we don’t. Cunningham explains, “We have similar or the same goals, desires, hopes, and dreams. We are a people living together under the umbrella of America, individuals forming the wonderful whole of the United States. Therefore, we must be united, despite differences, because our differences are secondary.” At its heart, One City, One Soul is a campaign of compassion.

For other fans of HONY, their endeavors are an exercise in flattery. Take Jeb Brigman. He loved the project so much, he started humansofcharleston.com. It has the look and feel of Humans of New York, but instead of just sharing one quote with an image of a citizen, the site’s creator gives excerpts from a conversation.

Brigman liked HONY for its humanizing element and says, jokingly, “Charleston’s just an old creepy city with no people in it!” Brigman feels Humans of Charleston are what really make the city, well, the city.

Brenda Peart, ROTC members made it into Brenda Peart’s Humans of Charleston collection

The second HONY duplication is a Facebook and Google+ page started by Brenda Peart, who moved to Charleston from Brooklyn four years ago. Peart, noted for the tripods she carries and straw hat she always wears, has been attending events around town and taking photos, capturing affairs as varied as the Bridge Run to a Gullah basket-making class.

“Folks have gotten used to me around town,” she says. “If not, I flash a smile.” Peart thinks that Charleston is “an event type of town,” and she is just there to document the good times. She’s not posting any prose with the images. No real conversation happens with her subject matter.

“Like I said, that smile and let them know I’m from Humans of Charleston. Usually it’s all in a wave,” Peart says. “I don’t like posed shots, but maybe give folks a moment, especially if they’re eating.”

Douglas Carr Cunningham, Iveta Dzurenova-Butler, Anthony Attanasio joined by Isaiah Browning were photographed for the upcoming exhibit Charleston: One City, One Soul

Peart’s first Humans of Charleston profile image — taken at an art show — was of Ade Ofunniyin, the grandson of famous local blacksmith Philip Simmons.

But it’s not all artsy plays on a cultural meme. Just as we knew Blur’s “Song 2″ (of “woo hoo” fame) would end up in a Michelob Ultra commercial, the “Humans of” idea has made it into a local PR campaign. Tom Aspinwall is the one-man show behind Charleston World Heritage, an effort to get World Heritage designation from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for Charleston. To promote the World Heritage effort, Aspinwall hired Row Collective, a digital branding agency who specializes in social media and PR. Row Collective loosely based their marketing plan on Humans of New York to get the word out. The way the campaign works is a member of Row Collective takes a quick photo of a local for Instagram (@chsworldheritage) and captions it with the subject matter’s favorite thing about the city. One of the company’s founders, Haley Shaw, says, “We focus on why people love Charleston. The hashtag is #ourcharleston. We’re building a conversation around why Charleston deserves an honor like gaining World Heritage status.” Incidentally, Aspinwall is in two of the 38 images (as of press time).

Shaw’s subjects are limited to those at the Charleston Farmers Market. She doesn’t have a set spiel she uses when walking up to people, but her questions center around the idea of “civic pride.” “People get really excited to answer the question,” she says. And why wouldn’t they be.

In our selfie-driven era, perhaps it makes sense that this introspective art form has caught fire. And with five different locals creating their own projects around the “Humans of” theme, one thing is clear: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

September 24th, 2014

Living Arts College professors have taught the audio students the “know how” to succeed in their field.

Living Arts College student Louis Roussel had the opportunity to work on a live ESPN game, performing audio
for live TV. After taking the location audio classes at the Living Arts College, Louis was able to have the experience
and knowledge he needed to work for ESPN. Louis was a first and ten spotter for the UNC vs. San Diego
game, where he worked inside the audio control booth relaying live audio feeds to the ESPN TV broadcast truck.

Louis does not graduate from the Living Arts College until May 2016, but is already working in his industry.
After working that one event, it has allowed Louis to possibly have a full time job after he graduates with ESPN if he pursues it.

Students can feel confident while attending the college that they can get real world hands-on experience in the
creative arts field and work on top industry jobs right out of school and during they tenure.

“The school taught me exactly what I needed  to work in the audio industry,” said Louis Roussel.

Living Arts College Audio Professor from Raleigh, NC NSAI Chapter Co-Wrote Title Track and Songs for Word Films’, “A Long Way Off”
September 23rd, 2014

NSAI members Craig Brandwynne, Program Coordinator / Associate Professor at Living Arts College and Christa Wells co-wrote the title track for the 2014 film,  “A Long Way Off “, distributed by Word Films. The song was recorded in Raleigh, NC at Living Arts College’s B2R Studios and mastered by John Mayfield, (Nashville, TN). Brandwynne is also the music supervisor, composer and sound supervisor for the film. “A Long Way Off,” hit theaters around the country and can be found in Walmart stores this October. Wells also wrote “Life Costs So Much” and “Kingdom Coming”, two others songs included in the film. “One More Time”, “He Belongs To Me” and “Sweet Memories,” were produced by Brandwynne and written by Betty Swain. Brandwynne and Christa Wells are a part of the NSAI Raleigh.

September 20th, 2014

Living Arts College loves to highlight the successes of past graduates. Jeb Brigman graduated from the College in 2005 with an Associate’s degree in Animation. He studied animation for personal enrichment and utilized many of the skills learned to work in the IT field as a Network Administrator.

One of Jeb’s amazing talents is telling stories through photography. Humans of Charleston is a celebration of the people and diversity in Charleston, SC. Jeb photographed his subjects and interviewed them on various topics. This astounding project can found online http://www.humansofcharleston.com/ and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/holycityhumans. Jeb will also be featured in the local paper in Charleston.

We are extremely proud of Jeb’s accomplishments. In a recent Facebook posting, Jeb acknowledged that everyone at the College can take some credit for teaching him how to properly run a camera.

The programs at Living Arts College go beyond teaching the basics of a chosen field. The students learn versatility, which enables them to have an understanding of different types of media used in the creative field.