First Friday Gallery
December 9th, 2014

Students from Living Arts College were featured at Mosaic, downtown Raleigh for the First Friday event on December 5th.  First Friday attendees were able to view work from our Photography and Interactive Media students. Jeremy Deihl, Renne Byrd and Brittany Bond were just a few of the talented students that showcased their work.

Another Living Arts College student, Jeff Whitener, provided the musical entertainment by showing off his DJ skills.  The event was a huge success and yet another great opportunity for our students to get their work out in front of the public. We look forward to continued participation in this event.

Living Arts College Mingles with Local Industry to Kick-off the 2014 Holiday Season
December 9th, 2014

On Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 from 6PM to 9PM students, faculty, and staff of Living Arts College had the chance to network with members of the Triangle’s top advertising, marketing, and communications organizations all at one time in one place.

The 5th Annual Merry Mingle was hosted by the Triangle chapters of the American Advertising Federation (AdFed/Ad2), American Marketing Association (AMA), Triangle Interactive Marketing Association (TIMA), American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA), and the Triangle User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) at The Stockroom in downtown Raleigh. All proceeds were donated to the Triangle Spokes Group, which has been pedaling joy to the Triangle since 2006 by giving away bikes to kids in need. The Triangle organizations wanted to help them reach this year’s goal of 500 bicycles, all brand new and guaranteed to bring smiles to faces throughout the area.

Students from the student ambassador program such as Cindy Nguyen had the opportunity to volunteer at the event giving them the inside scoop on how to put on such a great party. Next year we hope to have even more students participate in this fantastic event. Living Arts alumnus Breton Daymude had just been hired earlier that morning, but attended the event that evening stating “you can never do enough networking. This event has always been a favorite of mine to attend.”

Interactive Media Arts Program Chair Vince Gardner attended the holiday event. “This year’s Mingle was the best yet. This is always such a great way to kick off the holiday season and reconnect with industry contacts after a busy year!” stated Gardner

Together AdFed/Ad2, AMA, TIMA, AIGA and UXPA were able to raise over $15,000 for The Triangle Spokes Group!

Cub Scouts visit Living Arts College
December 9th, 2014

Living Arts College recently had the pleasure of hosting a local Cub Scout group. With great interest, the Cubs listened closely to Vice-President Debra Hooper as she took them on an adventure through the Domes. The little ones loved the tour, asking great questions about all of the cool works of art on display all around the campus.

They were especially intrigued by the many movie posters hanging in the C Dome of the campus as well as the Green Screen room in the A Dome.

SSL Broadcast Demonstration Truck tour stops by at Living Arts College
December 8th, 2014
Living Arts College was happy to host the SSL Broadcast Demonstration Truck on Friday, December 5th.

Truck demos began at approximately 10am and ran throughout the day for students. If you missed your chance to see this state of the art mobile audio production facility featuring you missed quite alot! The demonstration included SSL’s extraordinary C10 console, Avid HD Pro Tools system, mind blowing digital video and distro system.

Living Arts College would like to thank SSL and it’s Technology Partners for making a stop by the College. The students enjoyed it immensely!

Holiday Dessert Party
December 8th, 2014

To celebrate the holiday season, Living Arts College hosted a Dessert Party on Thursday 12/4 for it’s day and evening students. Students enjoyed holiday treats that staff and faculty baked.

The holiday menu included pastries, cupcakes, holiday cake, fruit cookies, pies, cakes and much more.

New students felt so welcomed. “Who doesn’t enjoy dessert?!?,” said one student. Students were talking about their favorite treats and who baked them the rest of the day. Happy Holidays to all of our students, staff and faculty!

Advisory Board Meeting
December 8th, 2014
The domes of Living Arts College were buzzing last Wednesday, 12/3/2014, with the excitement of dozens of board members gathering for food, drink, and discussion about future plans at the campus. Old friends greeted each other and new friendships and networking connections developed over delicious hors d’oeuvres and conversation.

Creative and medical professionals from the Triangle area were invited and volunteered to sit on the College’s advisory board for semi-annual meetings, discussing industry trends and assisting the College with anticipating the ever-changing worlds of digital creativity and allied health to better train and prepare students for their future careers.

These industry experts always prove to be invaluable sources of information and inspiration on the newest techniques, issues, technologies, publications, legislation, and other crucial aspects of education. Living Arts College’s esteemed guests relaxed and enjoyed a fantastic evening discussing their trades with the College’s faculty. A big THANK YOU to all the local professionals who made it out!

Living Arts graduate returns to share successes with students
November 30th, 2014

Recently, Living Arts College had the pleasure of hosting Michael Castro, President and Owner of SLine productions and graduate of the Film program at Living Arts College. Michael spoke about taking advantage of all the equipment as well as the opportunities that the students have access to while they are in school, he even mentioned that he himself rents out the high end digital cameras owned by the college. Michael demonstrated his knowledge of the film industry, he displayed several of the tools that he uses every day. Michael didn’t stop there, he continued on to talk about how each industry is tied together and that one shouldn’t limit themselves to a specific genre. Michael gave the students an in depth look at what it is like to own a business, to drive in clients and to produce high end professional content. Michael is a great example of success one can achieve at Living Arts College and beyond.

Living Arts College photography students get work published!
November 30th, 2014

Congratulations to Living Art College students Renne Byrd and Jeremy Deihl for getting published in the Fall 2014 “Dames Planes and Automobiles” Magazine! Both of the students had an amazing time with the project and have gained valuable real world experience in the process. Renne had the opportunity to be the main photographer of the car show, her goal was not only to document the vehicles but to capture images of the works of art put together by the car owners. Jeremy entered the Pin-Up contest sponsored by the magazine as the main photographer with Renne as his assistant; using their knowledge and skills as studio photographers, they were able to switch to an event photography style on the fly. Be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine featuring the published photographers Jeremy and Renne. You can check out Jeremy’s blog here:

“Networking has definitely paid off. It was a great experience being the assistant with the pin up girls and the main shooter for the car show. I really wanted to show the care and dedication each of the car owners put into their cars.”  - Renne Byrd

“A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to do the Pin-Up contest sponsored by the magazine “Dames, Planes, and Automobiles.” It was a totally awesome time filled with beautiful cars and women, and let’s not forget the beer =D The event was a total hit and my whole team and I not only had some good times, but also created some awesome imagery. I think for a group of studio photographers turned event photographers we knocked it out the park. I can’t share many of the images until the magazine comes out but I can share this awesome group shot we pulled off.” – Jeremy Deihl

Fall 2014 Gallery Exhibition
November 19th, 2014

Living Arts College recently had its Fall Gallery Exhibition! From Architectural Photography to Sound Design, the students received numerous awards for best in category. Jeremy Deihl, a photography student in his last quarter at the college, has won “Best in Category: Commercial Photography” every quarter that he has submitted work. Jeremy is just one example of the many students who have received awards for their art and creativity. The Gallery Exhibition is held every other quarter on campus, featuring work from each of the programs taught at Living Arts, it is a great opportunity for students to show off their work and get feedback from their professors as well as their peers. Each award is an accolade that students can add to their resume, making them stand out to future employers. The gallery exhibition is just one of the many events held on campus for the students to participate in and gain experience that will launch them in to the career of their dreams.

Living Arts College Professor “Goes Mobile”
October 23rd, 2014

Living Arts College professor Georges Le Chevallier has been taking his class on the road, visiting the local museums and art exhibits around Raleigh, NC. The students of Chevallier’s class have had the opportunity to visit and speak with marketing directors and presidents of the different companies including; Sarah Powers and her staff at Visual Art Exchange, The president of Raleigh Artspace Mary Poole, the marketing team at Marbles Kids Museum and many others. Georges has many other locations planned for his class, such as Red Hat in downtown Raleigh. This is a great learning opportunity for the class and also a chance to learn about the industry in creative ways versus the traditional classroom setting.

George has also produced a film with Living Arts graduate Robert King, called 3 The Hard Way. 3 The Hard Way is an art documentary film about the creative process of bringing together a graffiti artist from the streets of Philly, a cartoonist born and bred in the South, and a French-Puerto Rican mixed media artist to collaborate on a unique project. Georges started the production several years ago with fellow artist and students at the college and it is now available for viewing to the public. Please take some time to watch this incredible documentary! The 60 minute film can be found here: